Why are Personalised gifts so special? Why are Personalised gifts so special?

Thinking of buying a mini plate as a gift? You’ve come to the right place. At, we have the largest range of personalised plates in Australia. We offer free shipping as standard and a 5 year guarantee on all plates sold. That means if you break it within 5 years (due to normal use) then we will replace it absolutely free. Want to know more about why personalised gift are so great, keep reading below: 

Choosing a personalized gift shows that you have put thought into the present that you are giving. If you think about that classic phrase “it’s the thought that counts”, choosing a personalised gift show the person that you have put serious though into something that will brighten up their day. Whether you have chosen their favourite colour, their favourite song, or their “catch phrase”, a personalised plate let’s the recipient know that you know who they really are. No mater the occasion, birthday, wedding anniversary, newborn child, or new house, a personalised plate from is a way to show someone that you care. 

Let’s move on to fun. Yep, we said it, personalised gifts are just fun. Sometimes gifts can be hard to find and often, choosing the right gift turns into more of a chore. Personalized gifts are great because you get to decide how best to create the present. Inspiration can come from a memory, an experience or even just a connection that you share with someone else. Adding this inspiration to your gift is, well, fun.  

At, personalised gifts aren’t just adding someone’s name to something. We encourage our customers to really think about the person that they are buying something for. For Example, let’s say you have an Aunt named Penny Mack, and an Uncle called John Mack. And let’s say that you’ve decided to purchase a street sign that they can hang in their bar. Great idea, it’s going to be awesome. Initially, you decide to create a sign that reads “The Macks Bar”. It’s good. But a little more thought and you can make something really special. How about “John & Penny Lane” … given that John is a HUGE fan of The Beatles. When choosing the name for your plate, try to think a little more creatively and at some point, inspiration will hit you (we promise).  

A personalised gift is a memory. I mean, I guess you can argue that all gifts are memories but a personalized gift is something that people are more likely to remember. This is because personalised gifts often represent a point in time, a snapshot of a pleasant experience, relationship or interaction.  

We decided to save the most obvious reason for last. Our products are unique. This means that what you create is quite literally likely the only mini plate of that kind that we will ever create. Doesn’t get more unique than that. When Betty give Sandra a candle, John give Sandra a set of soaps and you give Sandra a sign that say “Sandra 4 president 1984” and only you and Sandra know what that sign means, it won’t be hard to figure out which gift Sandra will treasure for years to come.  

Time to jump on the personalized mini plate trainer. Choo Choo, we’re headed for fun and special memories. Australia’s #1 MiniPlate retailer. Welcome to Create unique plates for someone special in your life. Create unique plates for life.  

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